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Of light, love, and film: a blog circle project | February 2014


Our theme this month was 'home'.  Since my home nowadays is far away from my home growing up, I opted to integrate the two by using my dad's 35mm Canon FT QL to capture some random photographs around my home today. Taken with a roll of 35mm Tri-X, pushed two stops by Indie Film Lab.

Melissa Stottmann is next in the circle!


Of light, love, and film: a blog circle project | October 2013

Our theme this month was “change”. I opted to take a few outdoor fall photographs with a Holga 120N and some Tri-X, developing the roll at home using Diafine. I had never used a Holga before and was surprisingly apprehensive-- how hard could a plastic toy camera be? ;) I seriously had no idea if any of my shots would turn out but did manage to get a few keepers and a better understanding of how this thing works. After loading the film I taped up all of the crevices but still got a few light leaks-- which I kind of like! Looking forward to playing around with this camera again soon-- it really is fun and now I see what all of the hoopla is about :)

megan-dill-3-2 megan-dill-1 megan-dill-1-9

My talented friend Tara Stallings is next in the circle. See you next month!