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It's the little things: new


Our theme this month was “new”-- a fitting topic indeed with the new bundle of joy in my life :) Rafferty is nearly two months old now.  Had he been born on his due date, he would be three weeks old tomorrow.  His early arrival is allowing us to enjoy the newborn stage--which is so fleeting--just a little longer.

I am incredibly blessed to have another beautiful little boy to nurture and love.  After one child, it still amazes that my body can provide for all of a little one's nutritional needs.  I revel at the new chub and rolls appearing on a seemingly daily basis.  Sometimes I wish that I could freeze time, but then remember that it gets better and better.  Oh how I love being a boy mama.


The wonderful Sarah Carlson is next in the circle-- she has gorgeous work and I'm looking forward to her post :)