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It's the little things: food


This month's theme for our Clickin Moms blog circle “It’s the Little Things” is “food”.  One of my family's favorite topics, indeed! My son loves muffins.  One of his many nicknames is appropriately "muffin man". He asked if we could make them on one recent Sunday afternoon, to which I happily obliged.  Yep, teaching them young in this house :)

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The Way I View the Holidays


This month’s theme for our Clickin Moms CMpro Blog Circle is “The Way I View the Holidays”. Warning: this post is all over the map (literally)! We spent some of our holiday season in Ohio and some in New York, and I also used a combination of digital and film for these photographs :) When I think of Christmas, food is one of the first things that comes to mind.  No Christmas would be complete without nut rolls (aka Horseshoe Cookies).  They take forever to make (my dad, sister and I spent several hours individually rolling out the dough for 120 of these babies and piping them with filling). But they are oh so worth it! I am transported to my childhood whenever I take a bite. Just can't imagine Christmas without them, and I get sad each year when the last one disappears off my plate because I know it will be a full year before I have another :)

Baking is a long-standing holiday tradition in our house. Finnian had a blast making and decorating Christmas cut-out cookies while mommy snapped away. The mess he made was unparalleled! Would you believe that he couldn't care less about eating them? He has his vices, but cookies are not one of them :)

Our Christmas tree is very odd. We received a fiberoptic tree for free last year, but instead of being dazzled by the tacky light show we covered it with white lights. I think I should hit the after-Christmas sales for a new one or else think about getting a real one next year...

Bokeh-izing the tree makes it quite lovely, though :)

Finnian opened several presents at my dad's house on Christmas morning. I looked past the bad light and clutter to capture some snapshots of his joy using the speedlite I have yet to learn how to use correctly. I am glad that I did :)

Visiting my mom's grave on Christmas Day was very, very difficult for me. My family really missed her presence, though we tried to carry on as usual and did have a nice holiday with her in mind. I miss her so very much, even more so around the holidays.

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