Kodak Ektar 100

Of light, love, and film: a blog circle project | July 2013

Our theme for our film circle this month was “red, white, and blue”. I've been meaning to take my dad's old 35mm Canon FT QL out for a spin for quite a while now, and finally did so on the 4th of July with a roll of Ektar 100-- perfect for the blazing midday sun overhead during the town parade. My dad bought this camera in Japan in 1969 while serving in the Navy, and I remember him using it while growing up. I LOVE this camera with this film stock and can't wait to shoot with it again! The in-camera meter no longer functions correctly, so I just utilized the Sunny 16 Rule and clicked away :) The square format images were shot with my Mamiya c330 and some Portra 400 right before we left for the parade.

Brandy Jaggers is next in the circle-- she never disappoints! :)