Hudson Valley Film Photographer

One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month | January 2015


I've committed to a new personal project with some fellow film friends this year! One of my goals will be to photograph each of the kiddos using a roll (or two) of b&w film, once per month, and also develop & scan the rolls at home. Photographer nerd details: this film (Tri-X) was rated at 800 and developed for 10 minutes in a 1:1 solution in D76, then scanned on an Epson V500. This was my first time using this developer, and I'm quite fond of how these turned out. It will be interesting to see the results of the project at the end of the year. I am sure there will be big changes in both of my boys, who are currently 5 and 16 months old. Hopefully my youngest will become a little more cooperative over the course of a year :)

Next in the circle is my friend Jen Golay-- she actually started this whole project, and her work is so inspiring <3