It’s the little things: out of focus


Our theme this month was “out of focus”.  Baby #2 is due in less than 6 weeks, and sometimes I feel like he or she could be arriving any day.  But if baby is late like Finnian, then we'll be a family of three into the early days of October. I am experiencing a huge range of emotions in regard to the upcoming birth.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried.  But rather than blindly trusting in my body this time, I'm preparing in every way I know and am well-informed.  It is sometimes hard trying to shrug off negative reminders that my platelets are on the low side again ("if you need another C-section, you may require general anesthesia"), and know baby's persistent Right Occiput Anterior positioning isn't as ideal as Left Occiput Anterior for a natural birth.  Over-thinking this?  Perhaps.  Despite these occasional, undesirable realizations I am very much looking forward to meeting our new little one, and trying to stay positive and open-minded.  I am also very grateful for the wonderful support system I have in place.

Finnian thinks he is going to have a little brother.  Holy smokes we need to get going on selecting a boy name if he is right...

My lovely friend Elicia Graves is next in the circle-- I am very much looking forward to seeing her interpretation this month.