Favorite Photographs of 2012


For me, 2012 was a year of tremendous artistic growth.  Late last year, after shooting uninspired photographs and fumbling around in Photoshop aimlessly for years, I made a decision to take my photography to the next level.  2012 was dedicated to honing my craft and coming into a style that is unmistakably mine. This year also brought crippling heartbreak.  My mother (aka biggest fan) unexpectedly passed away early this summer, which still seems so unreal for me to type.  I miss her incredibly and long for validation that only a mother can provide.  however, I am comforted knowing that she is in a wonderful place that I can’t even comprehend, though her absence is emotionally challenging for me.

As this year wraps up, I am exceedingly optimistic and excited about 2013 and the new opportunities it will bring!  Without further ado, the photographs:

1. My husband and son, taken at one of our favorite places along the Hudson River.  We frequent this spot in the summer months to throw rocks in the water.  I love how small they are in the frame, and how you can feel the warmth of the sun which had drifted low in the sky.


2. From my first roll of black & white film.  I love the grain and my son's dark eyes peeking out from his cozy little spot on the couch.


3. Taken over the summer while I frolicked with my son at a local park.  He was playing peek-a-boo with me when he flashed this stern expression.  A smile immediately followed :)


4. This is my most serendipitous capture of 2012, taken while I was enrolled in Composition and Creativity on Clickinmoms.  I was getting ready for work early one morning when I noticed some gorgeous light falling on the living room wall.  Our place was full of moving boxes at the time, so I quickly propped my camera up on some, grabbed my remote, and snapped a self portrait.  Minutes later, the light was gone.


5. Taken at a nearby bridge.  I placed my camera on a tripod and intentionally blurred the focus.  Then I set the timer on my camera and walked away.


6. From my first roll of film!  I just love my son's placement in the frame, the depth of field, and his kind yet intense gaze.  I fell hard for film when I saw this image :)


7. Another photograph taken at our favorite spot along the Hudson River.  My son had just finished throwing rocks in the water when three new friends came up to greet him.  I captured this while enrolled in a course with the wonderful and extremely talented Meg Bitton.


8. I envisioned this mysterious, retro image while I was getting my son ready for bed one night.  Once he was asleep, I threw on some clothing which reminded me of something Doris Day would wear, grabbed our iPad and placed it on the floor in our dark kitchen, and set my camera on the ground.


9. My most personal capture of the year: an attempt to re-enact the moment I found out about my mother's death.  I was sitting in this spot in my bedroom when my father called me with the news.


Looking forward to furthering my growth in 2013 on this never-ending journey.  See you on the other side!