Of light, love, and film: a blog circle project | November 2012


Name: MeganCamera: Canon EOS-3 Film: Kodak Portra 400, TRI-X 400 Rolls shot and scanned to date: 3

I am a newbie with film. And I'm hooked :)

This month is the first for the new monthly blog circle I am part of with several talented ladies from Clickin Moms who all share a love of film.

Why film? It's new to me and mysterious. Prior to this fall, the last time I shot with film was as a teenager, when I had a plastic blue camera that took 110 film cartridges. Of course I used the built-in flash and took snapshots in full auto-- it was the only option. Twenty years later I have a new-found love of this medium since images require little (if any) editing, granted the exposure is good and the lab is great. And most importantly, I'm forced to slow down and shoot deliberately in an effort not to waste any exposures. This can be a challenge when your primary subject is a rambunctious three-year-old :)

Oh yes-- the sound that the shutter makes on my film camera is just... magic.

These photos aren't perfect but I just love them all. A perfect day with my son, captured as I remember it :)

Continue through the circle and visit my lovely friend Caroline Jensen's blog. Trust me, she is amazing!